Winterguard Anti-Desiccant Coating
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In Colorado and Michigan, the winter can do brutal damage to trees. Winter winds and snows can slow tree growth and even kill trees by depriving them of moisture intake. Winter conditions can also inhibit tender transplants in developing root systems, making it impossible for young trees to grow larger. To help keep your trees healthy and protected during the brutal winter months, our tree care experts at Fit Turf recommend using our Winterguard anti-desiccant treatment. Not only does our Winterguard treatment protect trees from damaging winds and other weather conditions, it also keep limbs and roots moisturized for optimal health over the course of the winter. Read on to learn more about Winterguard tree protection below, and contact our Colorado and Michigan tree experts today!

Tree Protection and Moisturization with Winterguard

When the weather does its worst to your trees, our Winterguard treatment provides quality protection to keep them happy and healthy in even the worst of conditions. Cold winter winds and warm summer winds can both cause severe drying to tree trunks and limbs. TransFilm anti-transpirant, the key product in our Winterguard treatment, provides a protective coat to help keep your trees moisturized during high winds.

Cold winter temperatures can also freeze tree roots, depriving them of their normal moisture intake. This same process also happens during droughts. With Winterguard, moisture is retained in root systems and not lost during less-than-favorable conditions. Winterguard also protects tender transplants while their root systems are developing, ensuring that your trees grow as much as possible during the spring and summer months following winter. Through a simple application of TransFilm anti-transpirant, your trees will stay protected during even the driest conditions, keeping them moisturized and healthy year-round.

For more information on our Wintergaurd anti-desiccant tree protection treatment and TransFilm anti-transpirant, contact our Colorado and Michigan tree care professionals today!

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