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Trees aren’t so different from us humans. They’re living organisms that need water and air to survive. They also need a wide range of nutrients to grow and fight off diseases and infections. Like people, trees may need help getting their essential nutrients every once and awhile. While we may take a pill, powder, or other supplement, our trees have to absorb their nutrients through their roots. Here at Fit Turf, our tree care professionals proudly offer Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc tree nutrient boosters from industry-leading manufacturer Mauget. These nutrient boosters provide a wide range of benefits for trees, including growth promotion, increased disease resistance, noticeable aesthetic improvements and more. Give your trees a boost with nutrient booster injections from our tree care experts at Fit Turf today!

Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc Nutrient Injections From Mauget

Mauget’s Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc nutrient injections provide high dosages of iron, zinc and other minerals to trees living in regions where these minerals may be in short supply. Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc nutrient injections are thus especially helpful for trees growing in non-native alkaline soils. Since these nutrient injections are injected directly into a tree’s vascular system, there positive effects can persist for up to five years after a single treatment.

How to Tell if Your Tree Has a Deficiency

Iron and zinc deficiencies are a relatively common problem for trees planted in stressed or non-native alkaline soils. Deficiencies are typically characterized by young leaves exhibiting darker green veins with a yellowing or loss of color between veins.

Nutrient Booster Injections for Your Tree

If you think your tree may be in need of professional care, there is no better team to call than our professionals at Fit Turf. When you work with us, our tree care experts will work diligently to give your tree an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis. We will only recommend treatments that believe will be absolutely beneficial for your tree. Should we suggest a nutrient booster injection for your tree, our professionals will happily perform the injection treatment onsite in a timely manner. To learn more, and to schedule a consultation with our Colorado or Michigan tree care professionals, contact us directly today!

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