Pine Bark Beetle Prevention
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The IPS beetle, also called the pine bark beetle or Colorado bark beetle, is one of the most common Colorado insect pests. As their name suggest, pine bark beetles make their homes in the bark of pine and spruce trees, feeding on trees’ nutrients and weakening them. At Fit Turf, we are proud to specialized prevention services to keep Colorado trees safe from these unwanted invaders. Learn more about IPS beetles and our prevention services below, and contact our team today!

About the IPS Beetle: Information for Colorado Property Owners

IPS beetles are relatively common in the state of Colorado and infest a wide range of pine and spruce tree species. They belong to the family Curculionidae, and are typically a brownish color, concave in shape and anywhere from 2 to 7 millimeters in length. IPS beetles thrive in trees under stress and rarely infest healthy trees. Infestations are identifiable through “engravings,” or small beetle boring trails, on pine surfaces.

Preventing IPS Beetles With Fit Turf

Here at Fit Turf, we use a combination of effective chemical agents to keep IPS beetles from infesting pine and spruce trees. We use Tengard insecticide applied as a foliar spray and then follow it up with an application of the spreading and sticking agent Induce. Induce is designed to fully cover plant leaf and bark surfaces to discourage insects from landing on treated trees. As healthy trees are significantly more resistant to infestations, we also administer a number of general tree care services to greatly improve trees’ resistance to IPS beetle infestations. To learn more, and to schedule an appointment for your trees, contact our Colorado experts now!

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