Deep Root Feeding
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How Deep Root Feedings Support Tree Growth

You love the beauty, shade and tranquility the trees in your lawn bring to your backyard experience. Yet you also want to ensure they stay there for a long time to come. How can homeowners provide their trees with the proper nutrition without being expert arborists? That’s where your friends at Fit Turf can help.

As part of our Fit Tree division, we provide a service known as deep root feedings. During this process, we use special equipment to inject nutrients many feet beneath the surface of your yard to ensure nutrients are placed at a level with the roots themselves. In some cases, deep root feeding takes place as far down as 12 ft. below the surface. You can include this service as part of our Fit Tree and Shrub Complete Care Program, or you can ask for this service as a separate part of your entire lawn care package.

Similar to our supplemental deep root watering service, our goal with deep root feedings is to ensure the roots of your trees have the capacity to absorb nutrients as quickly as possible by delivering them in the right soil zone within your yard. Few sights are as sad as a tree that had great potential losing the battle to nutrient deficiency and disease.

As a lawn care company, we enjoy watching each generation share special moments in their lawns and around majestic trees, in particular. Trees provide us with so much. Some provide us with fruits and nuts, while others provide wide, sweeping branches that serve as home to birds, squirrels and other creatures. For homeowners, this means the opportunity to watch nature in action, to read a good book in the shade and to simply take in the enjoyment of an afternoon in the backyard.

If you would like more information about deep root feedings in the Denver area or Metro-Detroit, contact Fit Turf today. We look forward to helping you.

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