Grub Prevention
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Grub Prevention

Has your lawn lost its luster? Turf peeling off the ground? Are you noticing sizeable white larvae in the soil underneath your grass? These are signs of grubs, one of the most damaging insect pest species in Michigan. If you’re dealing with grubs on your property, you need to seek out treatment — and fast. At Fit Turf, we are proud to provide comprehensive grub prevention and control services to homes and businesses in the greater Detroit, MI area. Read on to learn more about grubs and our services, and contact our team today!

What Are Grubs and Why Should They Be Prevented?

Grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles, commonly found in northern and northeastern states. Laid 2 to 6 inches in the soil underneath lawns, grubs feed on the nutrients and minerals found in soil and turf roots. Their rampant eating during the fall, winter and spring seasons can lead to massive turf damage and decay. In severe cases, turf can easily be pulled from the ground due to root consumption from grubs.

Fit Turf: Michigan’s Trusted Grub Preventer

If you are dealing with grubs in Michigan, our team here at Fit Turf has your solution. We proudly provide efficient and highly-effective grub control and prevention services to lawns of all sizes in the greater Detroit, MI area. Let our experienced technicians administer industry-leading treatments on your property to ensure that your trees and turf stay safe and protected from grubs year-round.

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