Benefits of Fall Aeration and Over-Seeding

Learning Center: Fall Aeration and Over-Seeding

If your lawn is in rough shape after a dry summer, or the grass is beginning to look chronically thin, then aeration and over-seeding can get it looking lush and green again. These lawn care techniques, which are most effective when done in the early fall, work in tandem to grow new, healthy grass on your lawn while also invigorating the old grass. Continue reading to learn more about how aeration and over-seeding can benefit your lawn.

Letting the Air In

Aeration involves pulling small plugs of soil out of your lawn. This breaks up the soil compaction o and allows the grass roots to breathe, while the holes left by the plugs increases the grass’s ability to absorb water and nutrients, so it grows thicker and stronger. Before aerating your lawn, mow it to a short length – 1½ to 2 inches – and thoroughly rake using a garden or landscape rake (but don’t tear up too much of the existing lawn). Then go over the lawn using a border fork or power aerator. The former pokes holes, while the latter pulls up soil plugs. The plugs will look ugly, but they’ll dissolve in a few days – and they, along with the holes created, will help with germination for over-seeding.

Seed, Seed, So Much Seed!

Over-seeding is when you spread new grass seed over the turf that’s already there. This fills in the areas damaged by drought, insects or diseases, while thickening the existing lawn and helping it fight future dangers. Over-seeding is most effective with cool season grasses, such as ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass, and on larger areas that are thin but not bare. (Smaller areas can be spot-speeded.) After aerating, apply a starter lawn fertilizer, then broadcast grass seed mix using the over-seeding rates listed. The new seed should be watered frequently but lightly, keeping the seed and soil moist until it develops.

If you live in the suburban Denver or Detroit areas and are looking to revitalize your lawn this fall, the technicians at Fit Turf are here to help make it great again. We have extensive lawn care experience and a program that’s right for your needs.