Benefits of Tree and Shrub Watering with Yucca Extract

Learning Center: Tree and Shrub Watering with Yucca Extract

When you’re going through a drought, cities and towns will often put restrictions on watering trees, shrubs and other plants. But how are they supposed to fare if they’re not getting much water for weeks, or even months? Tree lovers will be happy to know there’s more they can do in the dry days of summer. Using Yucca extract as part of your watering regimen will help your trees and shrubs survive and thrive when water is scarce.

Yucca is a common desert plant that may seem ordinary at first glance. But plants that grow in the desert have already adapted to the hot, dry conditions your own plants are now facing. By harvesting the extract from Yucca, you’re also harvesting the chemicals that help it fight excessive heat, ultraviolet rays and salt. Mixing this extract into the water you use for your trees will reduce their stress and give them an extra boost of protection during harsh times.

How does this seemingly magical extract work? For starters, Yucca is much more efficient at taking in and using moisture than plants native to wetter climates. When its extract is absorbed by the roots of other plants, they in turn become better at utilizing water – which is important when there’s a lack of it. In addition, the extract directly affects the biology of the root zone. Yucca extract breaks up existing micro-channels and allows water to spread more evenly, washing away salts that have built up in root hairs in the process. Last but not least, Yucca extract contains natural slow-releasing sugars that stimulate microbial activity and help plants take in nutrients more efficiently.

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