Green Lawn with Low-Maintenance Shrub and Mulch Border

Learning Center

We created Fit Turf with one aim in mind: to provide the best lawn, garden and tree service in the Denver and Detroit Metro areas. At, we've come to believe an educated customer is the best customer. That's why we offer the Fit Turf lawn, garden & tree learning center resource. Here you'll find a cornucopia of free educational guides on lawns, gardens and trees and the common problems that affect them.

Our learning center offers numerous guides to help you, whether you have questions about your lawn, your shrubs, your trees or your garden. Basic instructions include a guide on the proper height for your mower blades to keep your lawn healthy and green. We offer guidance on how to deal with drought stress, which is a particularly common problem for our Colorado customers. We also can give you tips on proper watering, whether you live in an area that's affected by drought or not.

In addition, you'll find multiple guides that will help you identify and deal with common pests such as plant-killing grubs. We offer information on lesser-known conditions that can still cause big problems. For instance, we have a guide on necrotic ring spot, a common problem in Colorado that also sometimes plagues plants in Michigan. Just a sampling of other guides includes information on leaf spot or Bipolaris sorokiniana, summer patch or Magnaporthe poae, and dollar spot or Sclerotinia homoeocarpa. All of these can be problems in Michigan but can be successfully controlled with the proper fungicide treatment.