Lawn Watering

You can care too much for your lawn and you certainly can care too little. And when it comes to watering, many homeowners tend to care too much. Regular watering is critical to keeping your lawn healthy. But it can be counterproductive if it’s down too frequently and downright destructive if you do it infrequently.

In General

For an established grass, you should water your lawn no more than once a week. However, the frequency of watering your lawn will also vary by the rain it receives and the type of soil you have. Richer, thicker earth will retain water better sandy soil.

In Infancy

Newly seeded soil will require watering more often than an established lawn. Until your grass seeds sprout, you’ll want to water your lawn just a few minutes each day. Overwatering could cause the seeds to shift, causing your new lawn to grow in patches and bald spots.

After your grass seeds have sprouted, water them a little long each day. Keep to a daily watering regimen until your lawn has mature, as which point you should switch to a weekly schedule.


If you’re concerned about how much water you’re using to quench your lawn’s thirst, consider storing rainwater. While rainwater barrels can serve as a silver lining when a heavy downpour floods your lawn, you don’t have to wait for the sky to spill open to start conserving water. You can use even moderate amounts of rainwater to offset your home’s water consumption, which makes for a smaller water bill and a smaller impact on the environment.

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