Lawn Care Tips

It’ll take more than sweet talk and a whole lot less than daily maintenance to keep the grass green and healthy on your side of the fence. Keeping your lawn healthy and manicured comes down to finding that happy medium, in which it has everything it needs for its best chance to thrive. Even under ideal circumstances, there may come times when it best to call in reinforcements. But when your lawn is at or near where you want it to be, there are several best practices you should tackle yourself.

When to Water

It’s more important to water effectively than constantly. Typically, you should water your lawn no more than once a week. And when you do, soak it enough water to soften up the soil and give the roots of your grass their best chance to establish themselves firmly into the ground.

Air It Out

Watering and fertilizing your lawn is much more effective when your applications actually reach the root system. When grass gets too tight, it can block food and water from the roots. So use an aeration tool to help your lawn breathe.

Feed Until Its Fed

You can’t survive on water alone and the same is true of your lawn. You should fertilize your lawn two to three times a year, ideally.

Share the Load

When either you or the progress isn’t present, it’s time to call for help. Our team at FitTurf is there for you to keep your lawn health when you can’t do it yourself. And we can also turn around turf you might feel is a lost cause.

These are just a few best practices to give your lawn the best chance to thrive. Explore more of our Resources section for more information on how your lawn health year round. Or contact one of our metro Denver or Detroit offices for a consultation in Colorado or Michigan.