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Winter Mite Control in Denver Colorado

Get rid of pesky winter lawn mites with the help of Fit Turf, your year-round Metro-Denver lawn care specialist.

Winter Mite Control: Say Goodbye to Lawn Damage

Colorado residents know that there’s a small but mighty lawn enemy that causes the region’s grass to appear speckled, thin, weak or completely dead, and it’s called the lawn mite. These stubborn bugs are actually various species of spider mites that thrive in our region. Most lawn damage in Colorado is due to an infestation of the Clover Mite, the Banks Grass Mite or the Brown Wheat Mite. Fit Turf’s expert Metro-Denver winter mite control service can help ensure that these pesky invaders don’t compromise your lush, green grass when the warm weather rolls around.

How To Determine if You Have Winter Mites

The first sign of lawn mites is a change in appearance in the grass blades. They will begin to develop small, yellow speckles when the infestation begins. As the mites’ presence increases, grass will turn yellow or brown and eventually completely die. You can actually identify whether or not you have a mite infestation by taking a magnifying glass outside and studying the base of the grass, where the mites tend to gather during the day. If you noticed tiny, black specks, you likely have a winter mite infestation. These specks are actually adult winter mites.

Our Winter Mite Control System

While most lawn mite damage occurs in the early to mid-spring, the most severe mite damage is prevalent during warm winters. The blanket of snow throughout the winter will not deter these damaging little creatures, and you’ll often notice dead patches when the snow thaws for the first time in the spring. Fit Turf’s Colorado lawn care technicians are specially trained in dealing with winter mites. Using a four-stage treatment system, they’ll be able to completely eradicate winter mites in your lawn so that you enjoy perfectly soft and green grass this spring.

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