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When to Apply Winterizer Fertilizers

Winter is famous for being the season of hibernation for plants and many animals, but this is actually a misconception. Winter is actually an important part of the growing cycle for your lawn, and this season shapes how your lawn will look in the spring and summer. If you want great-looking grass when the weather turns nice, apply fertilizer to your lawn in fall. That seems strange, but fall is the best possible time to fertilize your lawn to guarantee that you get healthier, better growth in the spring.

Cool Season Grasses

In Michigan and Colorado, many lawns are made up of cool season grasses like ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. These grasses grow quickly during the fall, and this is when they need nutrients the most. Fertilize your lawn around Halloween to make sure it's healthy and beautiful come spring.

Your winterizer fertilizer is best applied in late October or early November, so Halloween is a good marker. Just remember than when everyone starts carving pumpkins, it’s time to fertilize. Most lawns will need nitrogen-rich fertilizer at this time. Only use a fertilizer with less nitrogen if your lawn naturally gets a lot of shade.

Winterizing Fertilizer

Fall fertilizer encourages healthy root growth. During winter, grass roots grow rapidly. You want those roots to be healthy and well-nourished, so you'll end up getting beautiful grass when the grass leaves begin growing again.

If your grass received a healthy dose of nutrients in late fall, it will store these nutrients for the upcoming winter. This ensures not just that your grass survives, but that it survives to grow beautiful and healthy. When spring arrives, your grass will grow more quickly and with thick, rich growth while your neighbors’ lawns come in looking sparse and brown.

Wait until late fall to apply fertilizer, because you want the grass to be done growing. This allows the roots to soak up the nutrients in the fertilizer, rather than the grass leaves. This is also the perfect time of year to apply lime to your lawn, if it needs additional nutrients or needs help absorbing the nutrients available.

Applying Fertilizer

Applying fertilizer to your lawn can be a big job and pretty tedious work, particularly if you're performing this essential lawn care task alone. Use the professionals at Fit Turf to get the job done quickly and properly. The Fit Turf technicians can get your entire lawn fertilized in a short amount of time, and determine exactly which nutrients it needs and in what quantities. Fit Turf experts can also look at your soil to tell you if your lawn needs to be limed to improve soil quality.

Looking Ahead

Use winter fertilizers to make sure your grass is at its best when spring arrives again, because once the weather turns warm, you want to start enjoying your outdoor spaces again. Good lawn care in the fall ensures that your yard will be healthier and look much nicer when the winter finally ends.

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