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What to Know About Turf Winterizer Feeding

Learn about turf winterizer feeding and other lawn care tips for Colorado and Michigan from the Fit Turf blog.

When it comes time to winterize your lawn, you’ll want to feed it nutrient-rich fertilizers and weed killers in order to get it in top condition for growth in the spring. Fit Turf knows all there is to know about turf winterizer feeding in the Colorado and Michigan areas, with different plans of attack for lawns in both of these states.

Starting around September or October, Fit Turf’s lawn care professionals will come to your house to administer Round 6 (for Michigan) or Round 7 (for Colorado) of our Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control program. This step involves turf winterizer feeding, which is the last step before allowing your lawn to freeze over for the winter season.

Our turf winterizer feeding involves using a slow-release, granular fertilizer made up of different types of ingredients from year to year depending on what your lawn needs. Because lawns in Michigan and Colorado have different soil types, the fertilizer also changes from place to place to accommodate their different needs. These fertilizers are administered using a spreader or a ride-on rig to evenly distribute them around your entire lawn.

Around the same time that Fit Turf administers the turf winterizer fertilizer, we also administer a Late Fall Post-Emergent for weed control throughout the fall and winter. This not only prevents weeds from growing in the future, it also kills the existing weeds in your yard. The key to stopping weed growth before it happens is targeting the areas in your yard that see the most weed growth, so our knowledgeable lawn care specialists will visit your home to assess your lawn and take note of any weed growth patterns.

Unlike many weed prevention treatments, our specialized techniques go to great measures to ensure that any shrubs, trees or other gardening stays intact. Our professionals also come to your home to blend this weed-killing solution specifically for your lawn, so you can feel confident that your weed treatment method is designed just for your lawn’s unique needs.

Aside from the traditional weed control program, Fit Turf also offers other specialized additions that target different types of weeds that are specific to a certain area. In Colorado, we offer a turf fungicide program that targets Neurotic Ring Spot, a perennial disease of Kentucky Bluegrass, as well as a winter mite control program that targets winter mites that normally occur in early to mid-spring. In Michigan, we offer a grub prevention and control program in early to mid-fall that prevents grubs from damaging the roots of your grass.

Finally, Fit Turf offers an aeration program that helps all other treatments to work better and absorb more thoroughly into the soil. Unlike traditional aeration programs that involve drilling tiny holes into the soil, our liquid aeration product creates microscopic pores that act like a sponge and soak up any other products. From the turf winterizer fertilizer to weed control products, this type of liquid aeration is very important in every part of your year-round lawn care program.

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