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What to Know About Mushrooms in Your Lawn

Learn the facts about poisonous mushrooms in your lawn in Denver, Colorado on the Fit Turf blog.

How to Determine if a Mushroom is Toxic in Your Lawn:

Dangerous Mushrooms and Your Lawn

Many Denver residents struggle with mushrooms in their lawns. Aside from looking ugly and interfering with your lawn’s landscaping, some of these mushrooms can even be dangerous to the health of you or your pets. Here are a few things that you should know about the common mushrooms in the Denver area, based on research from 9 News.

  • Although mushrooms are common in Denver in the fall season, this year, those same mushrooms are sprouting much earlier than usual due to the wet spring.
  • While these mushrooms look similar to the types of mushrooms you might buy at your local grocery store or farmers market, they are absolutely not the same. These mushrooms are poisonous to both humans and animals, and experts say that they should be avoided.
  • If you find that your pets or children have ingested any amount of these mushrooms from your lawn, you should immediately bring them to a hospital or vet. Place some of the mushrooms in a bag and bring them along with you so that the doctor is able to properly identify what types of mushrooms they are.
  • Although these mushrooms can cause quite a few problems if ingested, there is one up-side to finding them in your yard: it means that your lawn is healthy! Mushrooms in your lawn are a sign that your soil is rich in nutrients and your grass is healthy.
  • If you want to speak to a professional about removing mushrooms and other weeds from your lawn, simply contact Fit Turf for a quote. Our skilled technicians can safely and effectively treat these annoyances without endangering you or your family.

For more information about the mushrooms native to the Denver area, you can visit the 9 News website or contact Fit Turf with your questions.

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