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Treat your lawn to a Turf Fungicide Program four times this summer for Colorado residents battling necrotic ring spot.

Your best efforts to have the perfect lawn can be quickly reversed if you skip a few important preparations. A lawn fungus is an issue and requires treatment to avoid the unsightly appearance of yellowing spots, rings and other formations.

Fit Turf has a four-time annual treatment that includes applications of Pillar G fungicide or Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide every 30 days between April and September. The treatments are applied in a granule or liquid form, depending on the needs of your lawn.

Treatments target fungus such as necrotic ring spot, which is a perennial disease affecting Kentucky bluegrass and creates yellow rings on the lawn. The fungus is more common in Colorado, though it can appear in lawns seeded with Kentucky bluegrass throughout the country. The Eagle 20EW treatment combats dollar spot, anthracnose, summer patch, brown patch, powdery mildew and rust and scab.

The Turf Fungicide Program is most effective as a preventative treatment. This is why it's important to have seasonal treatments to maintain a healthy lawn. Treating an outbreak of necrotic ring spot or other conditions can take time and leave unsightly yellow patches on the lawn. You may also find yourself pulling up patches of lawn, leaving exposed soil that can become vulnerable to weed growth before new grass is seeded and germinated.

If you discover your lawn is in the midst of a fungus outbreak, with dry, yellow rings of necrotic ring spot, or dollar spots, among other telltale issues, Fit Turf can work with you to combat this threat to a beautiful, healthy green lawn. Though we have a schedule of preventative treatments throughout the season, Fit Turf can apply spot treatments to mitigate an existing situation. It does take work, however, to return from these destructive diseases and conditions.

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