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Tips for Prepping your Denver Garden this Spring

A quick guide to preparing flower beds, vegetable gardens and other green spots for Denver area gardens this spring.

The crocuses have bloomed and are now making way for other garden plants. Spring is quickly approaching and you need to get your garden in order to take advantage of the season. Here are a few tips to get your garden, flower beds and vegetable patches ready for the warmer weather.

Do Some Work Indoors

If you took pictures of your garden last year, review those shots now. Identify perennials and annuals, areas that need replanting and plants that will need to be divided to keep the size under control. If you haven't started seedlings yet, you might consider planting your seeds in small containers indoors to get them started. Once the weather warms up enough and there is no threat of frost, you can replant the starters in the garden and let them take off. Find a sunny window, or get a grow light to get your seedlings sprouting.

Find a Warm Day for Outdoor Tasks

Survey your flower beds. Do they need new edging? Once the soil is soft enough to dig a little, you can reset any borders. Till any soil that doesn't have perennials, or work around those plants in your garden to get the soil loose and ready for planting or accepting seeds. Add fertilizer or compost to add nutrients to your flower beds. This will help encourage seed growth and spur plants after transplanting from containers.

Bed and border weed control treatments from Fit Turf start in March with pre-emergent applications that keep weeds from even taking root.

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