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Thinking of Spring, Fit Turf Spring Lawn Care Services

Spring is just a few months away, so let the experts at Fit Turf get your lawn in tip-top shape in time for the warm weather.

Spring Lawn Care Services

Whether you’re stuck inside thanks to frigid winter temperatures or you’re just sick and tired of looking at snow, keep in mind that spring is just around the corner. It won’t be long before the ice melts, the days get longer and the flowers and trees begin to bud. With only a few months to go before we welcome warmer weather, it’s time to start thinking about spring lawn care.  

From soil aeration to weed control, fertilization to pest control, Fit Turf offers its clients full-service professional lawn care to keep your lawn healthy all year long. Many of our services begin in March, once the dormant season is over and new growth appears. It’s important to begin caring for your lawn as soon as possible so the grass and soil get a healthy start at the beginning of the season.

Fit Turf offers a variety of different services, so you can tailor your experience to meet your lawn’s specific needs. Our most popular option is our Greenskeeper Plus Complete Lawn Care Program, a seven-step program that includes monthly visits from March to November. We start with a dose of pre-emergent weed control and we apply a granular fertilizer to promote healthy grass. We also assess your lawn for insect infestations or diseases that pose a threat to your yard. Each subsequent visit includes fertilizer and weed control application. We also include crabgrass treatment, one application of wetting agent and preparation for the winter months.

Fit Turf also offers manual and liquid aeration to ventilate the soil and provide better access for nutrients and water. Bed and Border Weed Control, which works to prevent weeds before they take root in your garden, is also important for maintaining a healthy yard. Our technicians spray the area once a month from March to September. Our Perimeter Pest Control is another popular service that controls ants, spiders, earwigs and more from infesting your yard. Monthly treatments take place from March through September. Additional services include Tree and Shrub Care. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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