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The Importance of Winter Watering

Fit Turf Expert with Customer Assessing an Evergreen Tree

Fit Turf Expert with Customer Assessing an Evergreen Tree

Learn the do's and don'ts as well as the reasons why it's important to water your property in winter from

The trees are changing colors and the leaves are already making nature’s multi-colored carpet on your lawn. It’s time to pack up the hoses and forget about the daily watering chore until spring. Well, don’t forget about a watering routine just because Jack Frost is about to begin his nightly visits. Even though your property’s deciduous trees and perennial plants will be taking their long winter’s nap, watering isn’t completely off the agenda. Ignoring the watering needs of your trees, shrubs and perennials during the winter months can actually have a derogatory effect on your landscaping when those new spring buds begin popping up.

Many trees, shrubs and perennials are already water deprived by the time winter rolls around, especially if you live in areas that have been plagued by summertime droughts. Quite a few towns impose summer water restrictions that also leave your foliage dehydrated. In order for a tree to maintain a healthy root system, it requires ten gallons of water for every diameter inch of the trunk. To stay healthy, shrubs need at least three to five gallons of water per month though the amount does vary depending on the shrub’s age, size and type. Now, that’s a lot of water and unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always deliver in terms of rain and snowfall amounts. Add unseasonably warm winters into the mix and your landscaping falls farther into the dehydration bin since warmer than normal temperatures during winter months can also lead to wintertime drought.

So, what’s a homeowner to do? Aren’t you supposed to pack the hoses away in the winter? How can you make sure your trees, shrubs and perennials are getting enough water during the winter months to avoid expensive landscaping repair in the spring? The solution is fairly simple and convenient too; consider a professional watering service to maintain your landscaping until that first hint of springtime hits the air.

Watering just once a month with a professional service can be the difference maker when it comes to keeping your trees, shrubs and perennials healthy. Many professional services also use yucca to make their watering services more effective. Since their dessert plants, yucca plants naturally attract and hold water in the soil. Adding yucca extract to the water, means that the water will soak deeper into the soil and be able to spread to the intricate root systems. When the water is dispersed more efficiently throughout the root system, it will last longer and help the trees, shrubs and perennials to last longer between watering.

Fit Turf, like many professional watering services, puts yucca extract to work in its water. Visit Fit Turf’s website for more information on their Yucca watering services. Fit Turf is available to residents in Macomb and Wixom Michigan, Westminster, Colorado as well as the Metro-Detroit and Metro-Denver areas. Don’t let another winter go by without providing water for your landscaping.

You will definitely be thankful when spring rolls around and you won’t have to stress the budget with costly replacements.

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