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The Greenskeeper Plus Lawn Program from Fit Turf

Residential Front Yard Landscape with Healthy Green Lawn

Residential Front Yard Landscape with Healthy Green Lawn

The Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program from our team at Fit Turf will keep your lawn healthy year-round. Visit our site to learn more!

Greenskeeper Plus: Kickoff the Program in March/April

If your lawn is struggling to grow and stay green, the Greenskeeper Plus Lawn Care Program from our professionals at Fit Turf is the perfect solution. As a comprehensive 7-step lawn treatment program offered to properties in the Denver, CO and Detroit, MI metro areas, Greenskeeper Plus is designed to keep your lawn healthy and happy through spring, summer, and fall. But don’t wait until the warmer months to begin Greenskeeper Plus — starting the program in March or April is the ideal time to maximize growth. Read on to learn more about why timing is important for this comprehensive lawn care program and the treatments involved during each of its steps. For more information, contact our team directly.

Steps 1 – 3: Initial Lawn Inspection and Springtime Lawn Care

Though the Greenskeeper Plus Lawn Care Program may be started as late as mid-summer, beginning the process in early March or April will allow your lawn to get the most out of the 7-Step program. This is largely because Steps 1 – 3 of Greenskeeper Plus are geared towards early diagnosis of lawn issues or infestations that may have crept up over the winter, as well as the application of early weed control products and granular fertilizers to combat springtime weeds and facilitate early lawn growth before the hotter summer months. Starting the program early will give lawn a much-needed boost that will last through summer and well into fall. Additionally, Fit Turf has upgraded to using Bio Green organic fertilizer for steps 2 and 6 of the Greenskeeper Plus program.

Steps 4 – 7: Weed Control, Fertilizing, and Preparing for the New Year

By the time June, July, and August come around, our lawn technicians will be maintaining the growth achieved in the springtime months through Steps 1 – 3. Steps 4 and 5 are designed for additional late-summer weed control and extra fertilizing as needed. As the summer comes to an end and fall begins, Step 6 is enacted and our team starts our Fall Enhancer treatment to promote root growth for the coming year (now using Bio Green). Step 7, usually done in late October or early November, preps your lawn for dropping temperatures and gives it one last boost for the spring months ahead.

Stay ahead of the game and ensure that your lawn gets the treatment it needs: start the Greenskeeper Plus Lawn Care Program in early March or April. Let our experienced lawn technicians at Fit Turf make your lawn happier and healthier than ever year-round!

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