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The Best Times to Trim your Trees in CO and MI

Learn about The Best Times to Trim your Trees in Colorado and Michigan and other lawn care tips on the Fit Turf blog.

Instead of waiting until trees become dangerous before you trim their branches, you should find out the best time of year to trim trees in your area. There are different times of year that are better for trimming trees in different parts of the country, and the experts at Fit Turf know exactly when to trim trees around our headquarters in Michigan and Colorado. Find out when to tackle this hefty lawn care project in your state.

The Best Time to Trim Trees in The Denver-Metro Area

In Colorado, our experts agree that the late winter is the best time to trim your trees. From mid-February to early March, trees are still dormant from the cold, snowy weather, so they will be easier to prune; however, unlike at the beginning of winter, new growth is just about to begin again at this time, so the tree’s cuts will “heal” more quickly at this time. To ensure that your trees stay healthy and bounce back quickly after pruning, you should never remove more than 25 percent of a tree’s branches. In Colorado, you should also be aware that certain types of trees (like elms, maples, birch and walnut trees) will leak sap when you cut them, but this won’t harm the rest of the tree.

The Best Time to Trim Trees in the Detroit-Metro Area

Michigan trees do best when they’re trimmed from the late fall to early spring. This is because the tree is dormant during these colder months, which last a bit longer in Michigan than in other states. The dormant tree will experience much less stress when it’s pruned, and because the leaves won’t be on the tree’s branches, it will be easier to see where to cut. Insects and other pests aren’t active during these cold months, so you also won’t have to worry about infestation. Most importantly, the worst time to prune a tree in the Detroit-metro area is in the late spring or summer, when trees are experiencing the most growth.

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