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Testing Soil pH Balance - Is Your Lawn Sick?

If your Michigan or Colorado yard seems to be struggling, contact Fit Turf for professional soil pH testing and to create a complete lawn health care program.

Testing Soil pH Balance – Is Your Lawn Sick?

You’ve got the sprinkler system set up just right. You took the time to rake up all of the leaves and debris the previous fall so that the grass could get enough air and sunlight during the colder months. You even went ahead and did a weed pre-treatment over the winter to stop weeds before they could even start. All of that effort... and your lawn is still looking lackluster. So, what gives? Before you rush off to the home and garden store to buy oodles of fertilizer and lawn treatments, take the time to see if your yard has a deeper issue.

Soil testing is a tried-and-true method of finding out what is going on behind the scenes of your yard. You can give the grass all the water, sun and weed treatments in the world, but if the pH balance of your soil is off, then you have a bigger problem that needs serious attention before your yard can reach its full potential. Luckily, this is a well-understood issue with a wide range of solutions that can be applied. Don’t wait until your yard’s problems have progressed before calling the professionals — the sooner the issue is identified, the faster a solution can be found.

Soil acidity is measured between pH 4.0 and pH 8.0 — pH 4.0 is on the basic end of the range while pH 8.0 is on the acidic end of the range. Your desired lawn acidity is between pH 6.0 and pH 7.0, which is slightly on the acidic side. A pH within that range will indicate that your soil has enough nutrients and minerals to sustain a lush and green lawn. If the levels are outside of that range, your grass will likely suffer from discoloration, weak growth and a myriad of other issues.

In order to test your soil pH, a small sample of soil is taken and then sent off to a third-party laboratory where the testing will be performed. Once your soil’s test results are returned, your lawn care professionals will be able to create a complete plan for how to treat your lawn if it is sick. It’s important to work with a soil testing company that partners with a reputable laboratory with verifiable credentials so that you can ensure the testing is being done to the highest standards.

If your yard is looking a little off and you’ve tried everything you can think of, don’t lose hope. Customers in Colorado and Michigan can rely on Fit Turf to work with them to create a full-scale yard care game plan that will restore the health of your grass. Choose our Greenskeeper Plus Complete Care Program if you want a hassle-free and full-service way to take care of your yard. If you’re concerned with making sure the products you use won’t cause harm to the environment or contain any unnecessary pesticides, our Bio Green Organic Lawn Fertilizer can help to restore your yard’s natural pH balance and get you on the road to enjoying a beautiful Colorado or Michigan yard.

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