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Read our online guide to learn more about spring pest prevention, and contact our pest control company for professional pest treatment and prevention services in Colorado and Michigan.

Spring is the season of life. Flowers are blooming, grass is growing — and pests of all kinds are coming out of the woodwork to pilfer for your yard. Thankfully, our pest control professionals at Fit Turf are here to help. In this short guide, we've put together a list of tips to help your deal with pests during the spring time. Read on to learn more, and contact our team for effective pest control and prevention in the greater Denver, CO and Detroit, MI regions!

Take Care of Your Trees

During the springtime, pests like to make their homes in every area of the yard. This includes trees. There are several insect species that burrow and feed on the insides of trees, weakening them structurally and making them more susceptible to diseases. This is especially true in Colorado, where insects such as IPS/Pine Bark beetles, emerald ash borers and lilac ash borers plague a number of tree species. Whether you are dealing with a current insect infestation in your trees or trying to prevent one from starting in the first place, it's best to hire a professional to take care of these insidious invaders. At Fit Turf, we utilize effective and eco-friendly insecticides such as INDUCE®, Tengard® and Mauget® Imicide® for lasting prevention and control. 

Look After Your Lawn

Another place that pests love to burrow and feed during the springtime is the lawn. Soil and turf roots both contain a surplus of nutrients and minerals that insects can eat throughout the spring and summer. Most notable among these lawn-eating insect invaders are grubs. Grubs are larvae of stag beetles that are laid and hatch about 2 to 6 inches underneath turf. When left untreated, grubs will feast on nutrient in the soil and in the roots of your grass, leaving your lawn weak and thin. At Fit Turf, we provide comprehensive treatments and preventative services to deal with these underground pests. For existing infestations, our technicians apply the highly-effective chemical agent DYLOX. For continued grub prevention, we apply the solid-granule product Merit.

Protect Your Perimeter

Even if you've managed to eliminate all pests from your yard, there's nothing to stop them from entering your property from outside areas — unless you secure your perimeter, that is. For truly comprehensive pest control and continued protection, we recommend spraying the perimeter of your property with insecticides to dissuade outside pests from making their way into yard — or worse, your home. Here at Fit Turf, we are proud to provide specialized perimeter pest control and preventative spraying services to properties large and small.

When in Doubt, Call a Professional

Dealing with pests is often easier said than done. While you may find some success taking a DIY route, you’ll more than likely end up with incomplete pest control and recurring infestations. For best results, we recommend partnering with a professional team like ours here at Fit Turf. With decades of experience and the industry’s leading products and technology, we are equipped to handle outdoor pest infestations of all kinds in the greater Denver, CO and Detroit, MI areas. For comprehensive pest control and prevention during the springtime, there is no better choice.

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