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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Get your lawn looking spectacular for spring! Read our online guide for spring lawn care tips, and contact our expert lawn technicians here at Fit Turf for exceptional lawn service in the greater Denver and Detroit areas.

To get the greenest, healthiest lawn possible, it's important to stay on top of your lawn care throughout the spring season. At Fit Turf, we're here to help you out. In this guide, our lawn care experts have compiled several essential tips to help you make all of the right moves for your lawn this spring season. For the best move of all, we recommend signing up for our Greenskeeper Plus Complete Care Program, available for properties in the greater Denver, CO and Detroit, MI areas. Read on for spring lawn care tips, and contact our team today!

Rake Away Debris and Snow Mold

We've all heard the phrase "spring cleaning." What many property owners don't know is this well-known phrase applies to the outdoors as well as the indoors. Winter leaves a behind a host of clutter and debris that can be damaging to your lawn. As soon as temperatures begin to rise, take your rake (leaf rake — not garden rake), and gently rake away debris such as leaves, sticks and other materials that may have ended up on your lawn over the winter. You'll also want to remove any gray snow mold you encounter. If left untreated, gray snow mold can cause a number of health concerns for your turf. Thankfully, a thorough raking is all that's needed to remove this unwanted invader and other debris. This will give your lawn access to sunlight, water and nutrients from fertilizers.

Maintain Your Lawn Mower

By the time spring is in full swing, you'll have to be mowing your lawn regularly to stay on top of rapidly-growing grass. If your mower isn't in tip-top shape, you'll end up with unevenly-cut grass, frustrating yard work sessions and inevitably long turnaround times when you do finally get around to repairing your mower. To avoid these issues and keep your lawn looking clean and pristine, we recommend taking your mower in for blade sharpening and a general tune-up near the end of winter.

Know When to Fertilize

Regular fertilizer application is essential for maximizing the health of any lawn. Fertilizer supplies grass with essential minerals and nutrients to help it grow and stay greener longer. With fertilizer application, timing is everything. You'll want to spread fertilizer in the spring, but you'll also want to wait until the optimal time. For the bulk of the spring season, soils are still warming up and may be too cold to absorb the healthy ingredients contained in fertilizers. For maximum results, you'll want to wait until your lawn has fully greened-up and actually started to grow to the extent that mowing is necessary. You can also enroll in our Organic Bio Green lawn program to get fertilizer at exactly the right time for your lawn.

Don't Be Premature With Pre-Emergence Application

Like fertilizer, pre-emergence treatments for weeds such as crabgrass must be applied at the proper time. Too early, and they won't be effective. Too late, and — well, they're not called "pre-emergence" for nothing. It's important to wait until 0- to 2-inch depth soil temperatures consistently reach 50̊-55̊ Fahrenheit. This usually happens a week or two before the first mow is necessary.

Don't Roll When Your Lawn is Wet

It's no secret that spring is a wet season. Rainfall is vital for lawns to grow and thrive into the warmer season. However, with heavy rainfall comes the risk for soil damage and flooding on lawns. These water-related damages can be exacerbated by human activity. During the spring, one of the biggest culprits is premature rolling. Rolling saturated soils can result in soil compaction, which can do more long-term damage than short-term good to your lawn.

Learn More About Spring Lawn Maintenance

Want to learn more about spring lawn maintenance? Our professionals here at Fit Turf are happy to help. Contact us to speak with a member of our team, and sign up for our lawn care services in Denver, CO and Detroit, MI today!

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