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Should You Worry About Your Dog Eating Lawn Grass?

Discover the reasons why dogs munch on lawn grass and if you should be concerned about your dog's grass eating behavior on the Fit Turf blog.

Should You Worry About Your Dog Eating Lawn Grass?

Dogs are wonderful creatures, but sometimes they do puzzling things like eat grass. Do they do it because they’re sick, or some other reason? Read on to find out what Fit Turf learned.

Most dogs love being outdoors, and one of their favorite activities is frolicking in the grass. Perhaps you’ve watched in wonder as your dog stops playing and begins chomping on blades of green yard grass. Because grass isn’t a part of their natural diet, this behavior comes across as odd.

As odd as it looks, a majority of dogs enjoy eating grass. And, while you may be tempted to stop them, it’s hard to interrupt an activity that you suspect may be helping them in some way. Their grass eating seems instinctual, and the fact that wild dogs do it too, leads us to believe that instinct plays a key role in this behavior.

But, is there a main reason why your dog eats grass? Not really. Pet experts don’t agree on a single reason, but there are several theories that provide some solid answers.

Theory One: Sickness Remedy

Many people believe that dogs eat grass whenever they’re feeling sick. This theory is shared so often that it’s become accepted as the main reason for the behavior. Is this true? Sort of. Only a small percentage of dogs eat grass while sick. Most grass-eating dogs aren’t sick at all, and that’s a good thing.

What about throwing up afterwards? Well, your vet knows that your dog isn’t purposely trying to throw up by eating grass to relieve stomach troubles. Also, the chances of your dog throwing up after grazing like a cow is less than 25 percent.

Theory Two: Lack of Dietary Fiber

Dogs depend on their humans to make sure they get a well-balanced diet. Some dogs may be attracted to eating grass as a source of natural fiber, if they aren’t getting enough of it. This can be remedied by switching your dog to a high-fiber diet with plenty of nutrients.

Theory Three: Boredom

Dogs get bored sometimes, just like people do. Your dog may be chewing on grass as a form of entertainment. Provide a distraction by giving them alternative activities. Some engaging outdoor activities for dogs include going for a long walk at the beach or park, playing catch, running an obstacle course and swimming.

Theory Four: Smell and Taste

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell, and the aromatic smell of grass entices them to have a taste. Once they realize they like the taste of those green plant blades, they’ll probably keep snacking on them occasionally.

Protect Your Pet from Toxic Grass

Most vets agree that it’s safe for dogs to eat grass in its natural state. If you catch your dog munching away, there’s no need to be alarmed, unless your lawn is treated with toxic chemicals. Under no circumstances should your dog eat grass containing harsh, life-threatening chemicals. This includes fertilizer and weed killers.

What can you do when you want to fertilize your lawn and grow lush grass?

Let the Fit Turf team treat your lawn with an eco-friendly fertilizer that is safe for children and pets. We can apply a liquid fertilizer made of food grade ingredients. To find out more, contact us today.

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