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Round 2: Spring BioGreen + Weed + Preemergent

Fit Turf's spring application in April or May combines treatments to encourage greening, growing and a weed-free lawn.

Lawn care is a season-long endeavor, and actually requires almost year-long care with regular feeding, prevention and preparation with fertilizers formulated for your region and the current weather conditions. Fit Turf is at work formulating the Spring Bio Green "Round 2" fertilizing treatment with the triple power greening, growing and weed-prevention.

Round 2 follows the Early Spring Starter in March. We apply the mid-spring round in late April or early May. The liquid application has three components to address all the needs of your lawn. For fertilizer we use BioGreen, which has a high concentration of nitrogen and other compounds to provide greening as well as promote a strong root mass deep in the soil. This gives your lawn strength so it can fight off threats that will cause a less than emerald green lawn.

Fit Turf also uses Dimension 2EW as a specialty herbicide. This weed prevention solution prevents annual grasses and broadleaf weeds from growing. With this application, homeowners can fight these weeds all season long. The third component of the Round 2 fertilization is Trimec 992, a post emergent broadleaf herbicide. This active weed control fights a broad spectrum of weeds such as dandelion, clover, knotweed, chickweed, spurge and many other broadleaf weeds that want to sprout up on your lawn.

While Round 2 is generally made from the same three bases, Fit Turf formulates the solution for the needs of our clients. We look at the weather conditions and make adjustments from season to season. The three components of the application are in liquid form and mixed together in a tank prior to application. The fertilizer is generally applied with a hose from a tank on the truck, though sometimes a handheld tank may be used to reach outlying areas of larger lawns.

With the Round 2 application, your lawn will be prepared for summer. The treatment will bring out the lush green to a deep emerald color. Weeds will be kept at bay. Your lawn will be set until Round 3's early summer feeding and weed control in late May to early June.

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