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Preparing Your Lawn for the Holidays

House at Night with Winter Holiday Decorations

House at Night with Winter Holiday Decorations

Learn how to prepare your lawn for the holidays and winter lawn tips in Colorado and Michigan, from Fit Turf.

In the midst of buying presents and baking cookies, you may forget to spruce up your lawn to prepare for holiday visitors. If you’re hosting a holiday celebration at your house, however, it’s just as important to make sure that the outside looks as good as the inside — especially if you plan on hanging holiday lights and decorations. Here are some tips from Fit Turf for preparing your lawn for the holidays.

  • Keep it healthy all year-round. The best way to ensure a beautiful lawn in the winter is by protecting it with proper care throughout the rest of the year. Our Greenskeeper Lawn Care Program includes seven visits throughout the year, each expertly tailored to deal with the particular weather patterns in Colorado and Michigan. By preparing your lawn for dropping temperatures, we’ll ensure that lush, green grass springs right back up come springtime.
  • Clean out any gutters after the fall season. Once winter strikes and everything is covered in snow and ice, you won’t want to worry about dried leaves and other fallen debris freezing in your gutters.
  • Use a fertilizer designed especially for colder temperatures. If you invest in complete lawn care program from Fit Turf, our expert technicians will use a different blend of fertilizer with each visit, anticipating exactly what your lawn will need between that visit and the next one. In the winter, this is especially important, since you don’t want the snow to damage the hibernating grass underneath.
  • Keep off the grass! When decorating your home for the holidays (or even hosting guests at celebrations), try not to walk or drive over the frozen ground. This can cause damage to the turfgrass crowns underneath, which could lead to bare spots once the snow melts.

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