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Prepare Your Garden for Spring with Fall Bulb Planting

Fall Bulb Planting - Bulbs, Soil and Garden Tool

Fall Bulb Planting - Bulbs, Soil and Garden Tool

Plant your bulbs in the fall and enjoy blooms in the spring. It's that simple when you use FitTurf

Did you know that if you plant your bulbs in the fall, your blooms can be twice as big and bright in the spring? Of course, you can’t do this with any bulb. It depends on the flower and result you want, but in most cases, such as with tulips and daffodils, if you don’t plant in the fall you’ll end up with tiny or sick plants.

By planting your bulbs in the fall, you are ensuring that they get a long period of rest in cool temperatures deep in the ground, a process required to stimulate the biochemical process that causes them to flower. You may be surprised to learn that the earth acts as a type of insulation for the bulbs, protecting them from the deep freeze that they would experience in the freezer in your home. But the way mother nature takes care of her kind, the earth both insulates and chills to the perfect temperature for flowering bulbs.

If you plant in the fall, you must get them into the ground before the ground freezes. If you wait too long, you’ll be stuck digging in the frozen ground and you can damage the delicate plants. Then, over the winter, the bulbs slowly develop their roots. This winter chill gives them time to recharge and settle into your flower bed, their new home. And Michigan’s lake effect cold or Denver’s deep freeze loosens its grip, you’ll have gorgeous blooms to brighten each day of spring.

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