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Moderate Drought in the Denver Area

Green Plant Sprouting After Drought in Cracked Soil

Green Plant Sprouting After Drought in Cracked Soil

Fit Turf knows how to care for your lawn during the drought in Denver and surrounding areas -- here's how!

Drought is one of the biggest problems that many homeowners face when it comes to lawn care, and only professionals truly know how to manage these types of dry seasons. Denver and its surrounding areas are currently experiencing a moderate drought, and experts all over the region are reporting that wheat, trees, and turf could be in danger because of the unexpected lack of moisture.

By the end of October, much of Colorado has normally already seen its first snow of the season. This year, however, has been unseasonably warm, and along with those higher temperatures also came lower precipitation levels. The U.S. Drought Monitor says that the Northern Front Range, which runs from Douglas County up to Larimer County, is experiencing a moderate but still worrisome drought. There’s only been about an inch of rain since June, which worries area wheat farmers and homeowners in the area.

Fit Turf and other lawn care professionals in the Denver area know just how to take measures to combat this out-of-the-ordinary drought. Garden hoses can be used to water trees and turf around homes and businesses, and because many people have already drained their sprinkler systems for the year, it’s not recommended to turn them on again unless they’re the self-draining type.

Fit Turf’s lawn care technicians know exactly how to handle drought and ensure that your lawn and trees stay hydrated, especially those plants with the highest levels of sun exposure. These experts can use special tools to determine if there is enough moisture in the soil, and they can help to hydrate the soil before the first freeze, which makes it much more difficult to add moisture to the lower subsoil. Fit Turf is also local to Colorado, so our technicians have an intimate knowledge about the unique climate patterns in the area. For a complete list of Fit Turf’s services or to consult with a professional, contact us online or by phone.

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