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Let Fit Turf Make a Weed Control Strategy for Your Lawn

Fit. Turf's Weed Elimination Services in Colorado or Michigan

When it comes to caring for your lawn, most people would say that weeds are one of the most difficult and annoying issues. These pesky plants can kill your flowers, create a ragged look in your grass and even take over your beds. If you’re looking to take control of weeds in your lawn in Colorado or Michigan, here’s how Fit Turf can help you create a weed elimination strategy this season.

  • Because weeds are some of the most resilient plants, simply pulling them out (even by the roots) won’t eliminate them completely. Weeds disperse their seeds around your lawn during their lifetime, so even after you pull out one weed, you’re sure to see more just a few days later.
  • Seeding is unpredictable and constant, so it takes a truly lawn care expert to predict weed growth patterns and know how to control them.
  • Fit Turf’s technicians will first work to remove the existing weeds in your lawn, including their root systems. These deeply rooted series of roots must be removed carefully so as to not disturb the grass and other plants, and that’s exactly what our technicians can do.
  • Our Bed and Border Weed Control Program also targets the areas in your lawn or garden that have the highest chance of supporting weed growth. Then, we pre-treat these areas to stop weed growth before it even starts, using only a safe, effective blend of weed control treatments designed specifically for your area.
  • Our technicians will even work to preserve your garden’s other plants and flowers while preventing weed growth. Our preventative weed treatments will skillfully avoid your plants, while scheduling regular weed prevention appointments will encourage growth in your garden or flower beds.
  • To determine what type of weed prevention treatment is right for your lawn, schedule a free evaluation with a Fit Turf technician today.

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