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Learn How to Save Energy During the Holiday Season

Man in Plaid Shirt on Ladder Hanging Christmas Lights on House

Man in Plaid Shirt on Ladder Hanging Christmas Lights on House

Learn some smart, energy saving tips for the holiday season with advice from the Fit Turf blog.

With all of those holiday celebrations and family dinners, it can be difficult to conserve energy during the winter holiday season. That doesn’t mean that you should let the environment (or your energy bill!) fall to the backburner, however; use these smart tips to save energy in your home this holiday season.

  • Choose LED holiday lights. Instead of using your tried-and-true holiday lights, upgrade your display to smarter LED lights. These energy-saving lights use 75% less power than traditional lights, last much longer than regular lights, and they’ll save you money on your electric bill.
  • Limit your light display to only nighttime hours. Instead of turning on your Christmas lights when the sun starts going down, only turn them on when it’s completely dark outside. By reducing the amount of time you display your lights each day, you can greatly cut down on energy use.
  • Be conscious of lights indoors. When you light up your Christmas tree, turn off the other lights! You may forget that the decorative tree is actually very vibrant on its own, and you don’t need the overhead lights when it’s on.
  • Try some solar powered lights. While they’re not quite as reliable as traditional lights, solar powered holiday lights are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious renter or homeowner. These lights are charged by the sun, so you won’t have to plug them in or use any electricity whatsoever. In sunny areas like Colorado, these are a great option.
  • Monitor your holiday gatherings. When you have friends and family over for the holidays, it usually requires more electricity than usual. Be sure to keep an eye on the lights in your home and turn them off when guests aren’t using them in a particular room.

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