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How to Kill Moss in Grass

Moss is the bane of many lawns in Michigan and Colorado, but it's not actually the moss that's making your lawn unhealthy. Killing the moss isn't enough. You need to treat all the issues that caused the moss in the first place.

What's Causing Moss in Your Lawn?

There are many causes for moss in lawns, and many of these problems are common to lawns in Colorado and Michigan. Poor drainage, too much shade, lack of soil nutrients and low soil pH can all cause moss to grow. And with moss come other lawn problems. Once you see moss, it's time to act fast before even more damage is done to your grass.

The Short-Term Solution

Need your lawn to look good right now? If you need to make your grass look presentable right away, you can always rake the mossy areas of your lawn. The moss should come right up, but it will come back in a few days. Raking is only a temporary solution. To get rid of the moss permanently and manage the problems that caused in the first place, you need expert solutions.

Consult with Lawn Care Experts

You may not be able to tell just by looking at your lawn what your problem is. Do you have poor drainage? Is your soil's pH off? How can you get the answer? Consult with a lawn care expert from Fit Turf. They can help fix what's causing the root of your moss problems.

Soil that has a high clay content, for example, typically has drainage issues than can promote the growth of moss over grass. The professionals at Fit Turf can talk to you about various ways to improve your soil drainage through aeration and other techniques.

Moss Removal

To completely remove moss from your lawn and make your yard healthy again, you need to get rid of the thatch layer. This process can cause damage when not done properly. If you live in Denver and its surrounding cities, let Fit Turf help. Our technicians can remove that thatch layer to make your lawn a perfect place for grass to grow healthy and beautiful.

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