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Learn about the quality of service that makes Fit Turf the best lawn care option in the metro-Denver and metro-Detroit areas.

Fit Turf is the very best lawn care provider in Michigan and Colorado, servicing the areas surrounding the metro-Denver and metro-Detroit areas. But what is it about Fit Turf that makes us really stand out in the crowd of other, similar lawn care providers? Well, it all has to do with the quality of service and our experienced, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Here are all of the reasons why we think that Fit Turf is the best lawn care provider around.

  1. The friendly people. First and foremost, all of our employees, from our lawn care technicians to our managerial staff, put kindness and reliability at the front of their job performance. We know that it’s important to treat all of our customers fairly and with respect, so you can always feel confident that when you speak to someone from Fit Turf, you’ll get a fair, direct answer in a friendly fashion.
  2. The quality of service. Whether you hire a Fit Turf lawn care professional to simply take care of a one-time pest infestation or to care for your lawn all year long, you can be sure that we value every single task, no matter how large or how small. We put pride into every job that we do, and the quality of our service is unmatched by other lawn care companies.
  3. The variety of services offered. Fit Turf offers a very wide variety of lawn care services tailored specifically to your area, whether that’s Denver or Detroit. Rather than taking a traditional approach of removing leaves in the fall and cutting grass in the summer, we offer a multifaceted lawn care approach that includes innovative techniques, our own signature products and treatment blends and a year-round plan of attack for keeping your lawn healthy and lush. We offer programs such as the Greenskeeper Plus Complete Care Program, the Fit Tree & Shrub Care Program, the Flea & Tick Control Program and many others that offer an all-encompassing approach to caring for your lawn.
  4. The focus on new and innovative products. At Fit Turf, we only use the most innovative lawn care products that are on the forefront of lawn care research. These include safe, effective fertilizers, treatments, pesticides and other products including our Bio Green program!.

    Bio Green is one of our most commonly used products, as it is an organic fertilizer that keeps your grass healthy and green without causing concern over its safety. We use Bio Green in a multi-tiered approach to lawn fertilization, including administering this liquid fertilizer at peak points throughout the year to help feed the grass essential nutrients and develop deep, healthy roots. It even includes essential carbon and simple sugars that grass needs to thrive. Other innovative Fit Turf lawn care products include Omni Oil Supreme, a horticultural spray administered in the late winter and early fall to remove pests and infestations from trees; BaseLine insect spray to control pests; Mauget® Inject-A-Min Iron/Zinc™ capsules to keep trees healthy and nutrient-rich and various mosquito insecticides as a part of our MosquitoHeat

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