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Boost the Health of Your Lawn with the Turf Fungicide Program Guide from Fit Turf

Is your lawn unhealthy? After non-chemical measures have failed, it may be time to look into a lawn/turf fungicide treatment program to help nurture your grass back to health. Check out Fit Turf's blog for more information.

The Good Old Days

You’ve tried to nurture your unhealthy-looking lawn back to its former glory days of lush, green grandeur. Gone are the days of the green blanket that once graced your property — it was a sight to behold!

Non-Chemical Treatments

Perhaps you’ve tried all of the non-chemical tips that that you could find — you aerated, you raked and then reseeded your yard. You changed your watering and mowing patterns.

Nothing worked, however, and now you feel that your lawn may just be thumbing its nose at you and your tenacious, yet futile, revitalization attempts.

Microscopic Organisms

The unhealthy lawn syndrome is most likely not anything that you are doing intentionally —microscopic organisms naturally live in the soil. Sometimes these organisms can be beneficial to your lawn. Some of the more harmful ones can adversely affect your emerald green pride and joy.

Necrotic Ring Spot

Lawn fungus can quickly take over — some types of fungi can be difficult to eliminate. What’s worse, some lawn fungi — such as necrotic ring spot (NRS), a common perennial (or reoccurring) disease in Colorado, which takes the shape of doughnut-shaped patches in the grass — is easy to get and can spread from neighbor to neighbor, quickly causing long-term headaches for entire neighborhoods. NRS is the most destructive disease of Colorado’s turf grass. Recovery is a long, difficult process and unfortunately is not guaranteed.


Prevention is the best way to stave off the microorganisms that cause NRS and other fungi that can attack the roots and crowns of your yard and make it look unhealthy. Our turf fungicide program is different than other programs: Some lawn fungicide programs only focus on eradicating these organisms. Fit Turf’s lawn fungicide program attacks the harmful organisms that cause your yard to fail and stimulates the natural, beneficial microorganisms that suppress the disease pathogens. Your grass becomes healthy from the root up as the fungus growth is combatted holistically.

Fit Turf Has the Answer

Fit Turf’s turf fungicide program for your grass is a four-time per year prevention treatment program that boosts the health of your yard, twice in the spring and twice in the summer. Call our expert lawn technicians for a lawn analysis and recommendations on how to bring back the glory days of your lawn.

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