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Late Summer Lawn Care Weed Control

For smart tips on late summer lawn care and weed and pest control products, visit Trust the pros at Fit Turf.

Late Summer Lawn Care & Weed Control Tips

Keep your lawn healthy in late summer and early fall with these smart tips from the lawn care pros at Fit Turf.

Few North American lawns can escape the toll of late summer temperatures. That’s why you want to leave your grass taller than in the spring. Deep watering is recommended this time of year, but check with your local summer watering rules. On some days in various parts of the country, only hand-watering is allowed during daytime hours.

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn in late summer, the pros at Fit Turf recommend products like BioGreen USA’s trademarked BioGreen 20 + MICROSTM Turf 20-0-0.5. This is a soil-amending turf grass fertilizer that can be easily applied by professionals to drive down deeper roots and allow uniform seed germination. You’ll enjoy a quicker green-up response, too, with nutrients that immediately go to work when this late summer lawn fertilizer is applied. This product contains 50 percent slow-release liquid nitrogen.

Don’t let unsightly weeds overtake your lawn. If crabgrass has taken hold near your sidewalks or driveways during late summer’s warm weather months, consider weed control products like Post Emergency Broadleaf & Grassy Weed Specialty Herbicide. This product can be used for spot treatment on visible crabgrass. You can also use it to rid your lawn of clover, foxtail, dandelions, black medic, English daisies, dollar weed, torpedo grass, barnyard grass and other weeds. Induce is another specialty weed control product that resists wash-off when applied to dandelions, clover, knotweed, henbit, chickweed, spurge and other broadleaf weeds.

A smart no-cost starting place to learn more about regional soil conditions is your local Cooperative Extension Service agent. Each U.S. county has a Cooperative Extension Service that relies on information from publicly funded land-grant universities.

If you live in the metro Denver or metro Detroit area, call on the pros at to professionally treat your lawn. Fit Turf relies on locally based technicians in Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas and in Michigan’s lower peninsula of Macomb and Wixom counties. Choose the services you need to fit your budget.

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