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Keeping Winter Mites at Bay in Colorado

Close-Up of Winter Grain Mites on Grass Blade

Close-Up of Winter Grain Mites on Grass Blade

Don't let winter mites ruin your lawn. Learn how to keep winter mites at bay with

Keeping Winter Mites At Bay

Find out how you can keep winter mites from ruining your lawn.

Mites are inactive during the winter months. Well, this is one lawn myth that is definitely false and ignoring it can actually have detrimental effects on your lawn that will leave a lasting and expensive impression. Winter mites are pretty busy from December through March in the Colorado area, and unfortunately, it’s tough to see their activity.

Since these mites lay their eggs in spring, winter mites hatch in late fall, snacking on the grass as they grow. While the mites munch on the blades, water and nutrients are being sucked out of your lawn. The result is yellowing grass that will eventually die. When spring comes, your grass will basically be expired. Even though late fall and winter is the best time to catch the mites using your lawn as a buffet, they are still difficult to spot. They are active during the day, but tough to eyeball. If you see black specs on the end of the blades closest to the soil, you have mites. Mild winters are also the worst for mite infestations.

The best defense against mites is being proactive. For folks that live in Colorado, winter mites can especially be a problem. However, Fit Turf can help diagnosis a mite infestation as well as define a treatment plan to help you get rid of the pests.

If you think your lawn may have a problem with winter mites and you live in the Michigan or Colorado area, Fit Turf offers a free assessment of your lawn. For more information on winter mites and how to keep them from ruining your lawn, check out Fit Turf’s winter mite services.

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