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Keep Your Lawn Fit with Bio Green

Deep Green Lawn in Front of Sprawling Brick Home

Deep Green Lawn in Front of Sprawling Brick Home

Find out the best way to get the healthy green lawn you have always wanted with Bio Green; explore Fit Turf's lawn program.

If you suffer from lawn envy, you are not alone. Everyone thinks the grass is always greener, especially if you can look across the street and see your neighbor’s plush green lawn. How does he do that? Many of us have had that thought as we glance at our somewhat shabby and dandelion infested lawn. However, a healthy, lush inviting lawn isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a dream that can be realized though it does take more than a weekly mow and trim.

If you’re looking for a better lawn, you may want to consider a lawn service that gives you a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach that actually begins in late spring and runs through late fall. The end result is a fabulous lawn that looks and feels amazing. Fit Turf offers Michigan and Colorado residents the detailed and proactive Bio Green Lawn Program. This program involves seven strategically placed visits that will have your lawn living up to its full potential. Bio Green is a primarily liquid program that involves working on the entire lawn from what you see above the ground to what you don’t below.

The Bio Green program provides your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow while developing a deep, healthy root system. It also works to cultivate your soil by adding carbons and simple sugars. The multi-pronged approach will leave you with a healthy lawn that looks wonderful season after season. Fit Turf’s first visit begins in March or April with technicians applying weed control while assessing the overall needs of your lawn, including any issues like insect infestations. With each visit, Fit Turf’s lawn experts will apply the appropriate fertilizers and or treatments to feed and manage your grass.

You can expect your last visit to occur right around this time of year. The final visit until next spring is designed to prepare your lawn for those long winter months. It will also give your lawn a jump-start toward spring with a dry-slow release fertilizer.

Stop dreaming about the perfect lawn or trying to do it all yourself! Contact Fit Turf for a free estimate and see why the grass doesn’t always have to be greener at every house but yours.

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