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Keep Ticks Out of Your Michigan Yard

Feeling bombarded by the influx of ticks in your Detroit, MI yard? Check out for information on how to fight back against these pests this summer.

Keep Ticks Out of Your Yard in Michigan

Are you noticing an influx ticks in the Detroit-Metro area? There is a good reason: The CDC reports that this is one of the worst tick seasons on record in the Wolverine State. Because certain types of Michigan ticks are carriers of Lyme disease, it is important to stand up, take note and go on the defensive against the threat of a tick invasion in your yard.  

Maintain a Tick-Free Zone

The key? Make your lawn as uninhabitable as possible to these eight-legged creatures. There are several ways that you can maintain a tick safe zone, including keeping warm-blooded animals at bay, trimming weeds and tall grasses, keeping your grass short, planting species that naturally repel ticks, creating a barrier of wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas and bagging cut grass and leaf debris in your yard. You may also want to consider a perimeter treatment provided by Fit Turf. Contact us for more information.

Keep Animals Off Your Lawn

Ticks rely on the blood of animals to grow and reproduce; therefore, it’s imperative to keep these warm-blooded animals, such as deer and mice, off of your property as much as possible. Over-the-counter repellants are available. Fencing is also important for larger animals; keeping wood piles neatly stacked will help keep rodent populations away.

Maintain a Well-Manicured Yard

The easiest thing you can do to keep ticks away is to keep your yard well-tended and mowed. During normal conditions, a once-a-week mow will suffice; however, during rainier or warmer-than-usual periods, your yard may require additional maintenance. Also, keep weeds and tall grasses trimmed along the perimeter of your yard, your home and around your landscaping.

Naturally Repellant Tick Options

Have a green thumb? You can cultivate your love for gardening and keep out these unwanted creepy crawlies by adding certain herbs, plants and flowers. They not only add color, height and texture to your yard, they naturally keep ticks out of your personal space. For example, some species of chrysanthemums contain pyrethrum, a natural insect repellent and an ingredient in many forms of tick and insect repellant. You can also tend to an herb garden. Plant sage, lemongrass, garlic plants, lavender and rosemary. These herbs serve a dual purpose: They stave off ticks and add to your culinary prowess. Catnip also does the trick, as does beauty-berry bushes.

Bag Those Cuttings & Leaves

Although it is often recommended to leave grass cuttings on your yard as a natural, nitrogen-infused fertilizer, these grass and leaf cuttings can be conducive to ticks and other unwanted pests during the height of tick season. The CDC recommends removing leaf litter, in particular, to prevent ticks in your yard. Most lawn mowers have an automatic bagging setting that can be used and requires little to no extra effort to decrease the chances of ticks invading your space.

Establish a Perimeter Border

A 3-foot or wider wood chip, mulch or gravel border between your lawn and woods or stonewalls can also discourage the migration of ticks onto recreational areas. Ticks don’t like to travel across these borders into your yard. Additionally, adopting xeriscape or hardscape landscaping, like with gravel pathways and mulching, can deter pests.

Be Diligent in Active Periods

However you choose to tackle the tick problem, be diligent. Maintaining an uninhabitable habitat requires constant tending during the months where these pests are most active — from April to September. Because they are attracted to moist, wooded areas, check the perimeter of your home for areas that meet these criteria and get to work. Have questions about how you can further tick-proof your territory? Contact Fit Turf for a free evaluation.

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