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How Weeds Affect Plant Growth

Learn how weeds can affect plant growth in our online guide, and stop weeds in your yard with our professional services today!

If you're like many property owners, you may be inclined to let a few weeds slide here and there. After all, it can be difficult to stay on top of weed growth everywhere it pops up — and what harm do weeds do, really? The answer, unfortunately, is quite a lot. In this guide, our lawn care experts here at Fit Turf outline the many ways in which weeds can affect the growth of beneficial plants in our yards. Learn more below, and contact our Colorado and Michigan professionals for comprehensive weed control on your property today!

Competition for Nutrients

Broadly speaking, weeds are defined as plants that do not provide any benefit for property owners in the areas of food, medicine or aesthetic appeal. Though weeds may not provide any of these things, they still require nutrition to grow. The bad news for other plants in your yard is that weeds compete for nutrients in the soil and sunlight, which can lead to stunted growth for your vegetables, flowers and lawn.

Competition for Space

On a similar note, weeds also take up space, which can make it harder for gardens to flourish. Invasive species in particular can disrupt a micro-ecosystem so profoundly that all other types of plants will often cease to grow there altogether.

Parasitic Effects  

Certain weeds are parasitic plants, which means they use other plants as "hosts" to obtain nutrients. Mistletoe, for example, latches onto host plants in order to steal sunlight, water and soil nutrients. Parasitic weeds such as mistletoe can leave host plants weak, often causing them to eventually succumb to starvation, disease or pest infestation.

Weed Control at Fit Turf

Noticing dissatisfactory plant growth and unwanted flora in your yard? You've got weeds. When dealing with stubborn weeds in your yard, it's best to partner with a professional for comprehensive extermination and prevention services. At Fit Turf, our experts provide both. Explore our website to learn more about our many weed control services, and contact our Colorado and Michigan teams today!

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