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How to Treat Brown Patch in your Lawn

When brown patches show up on your lawn in Denver or metro Detroit, visit for free tips on how to treat them and prevent their return.

How to Treat Brown Patches on Your Lawn

Brown patches caused by dead or dying grass can wreck your lawn. Here’s what to do about them.

First, find out what’s causing those brown patches. Insects can be the culprit, and so can people and pets. Even dull lawn mower blades can be to blame when they rip up your grass. Keeping your blades sharpened will prevent future brown spots. Spilled lawn chemicals can kill your grass. If your dog uses your lawn as an outhouse, the spots will usually be yellowish with or without a green ring around them.

If the soil between your grass is too compact, have a lawn care professional aerate the soil to loosen it up and allow in air. In fact, poor soil quality can lead to dying patches of grass. Drought is often the culprit in dry regions. The mix of grasses on your lawn can also be to blame. Some cool-season grasses will stop growing in summer, and it’s the opposite with warm-weather grasses – leading to brown patches. Humid weather can lead to fungus that often causes what appears as irregularly shaped brown spots. Several varieties of grasses can be prone to brown patch lawn disease, or Rhizoctonia solani fungus. Water more frequently to help prevent water from pooling on your lawn.

Hiring a professional lawn service crew can save you time and money by quickly assessing the damage and offering economical prices on regular lawn maintenance to treat and prevent brown patches. If you’re in the metro Denver or metro Detroit area, call on the local lawn care pros at They know local causes for brown patches, and can recommend the best, most affordable priced treatment and lawn maintenance solutions.

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