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How to Prepare your Michigan Yard for Winter - Fit Turf

As the leaves begin to turn and fall, it is time how to prepare your cool-season grasses for the bitter cold of the brutal Michigan winter. A little preparation now will help encourage deep root growth, discourage weeds and maintain adequate nutrient and moisture levels to ensure a happy and healthy lawn.

Continue to Water

Until the ground freezes, it’s important to continue to water not only your lawn, but your flowers and shrubs as well. Experts agree that a rate of 1-inch per week is ideal to make sure the moisture level continues to be optimal throughout the drier fall months — before the snow begins to fall. Although it can be tempting to shut that irrigation system off as soon as cool weather arrives, it is still important to care for your lawn in the drier fall months.


Not only do kids and animals enjoy playing in the falling leaves, dropped leaves are a great organic matter insulator and all-natural fertilizer for gardens, flowers and shrubs. Studies have shown that the nutrients provided to yards by the decomposing leaves are beneficial to the roots, and that yards that have a thin layer of mulched leaves atop will green up faster than their non-mulched counterparts.


Although some warmer-season grasses need extra care and require a shorter trims during the last mowing sessions of the season, the cool-season Michigan grasses require no such fuss. Continue to mow your grass at normal height. For the last mowing, consider mulching the fallen leaves.

“Winterizing” Fertilizer

You can either prepare your Michigan yard for the cold winter months by applying your own fertilizer and checking the pH levels, or you can call Fit Turf. Our special mix of winterization applications combine a slow-release fertilizer and weed control that will keep your Michigan yard in tip-top shape throughout the tough winter season. Give us a call today to schedule an evaluation to see how Fit Turf can get your Michigan yard (as well as trees and shrubs!) ready for the upcoming winter.

The Fit Turf team can help your Michigan be the best it can be. Have questions? Contact Fit Turf today for more information.

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