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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Overseeding

Learn smart tips on aeration and over-seeding from the law care pros at Fit Turf, serving metro Denver and metro Detroit.

Aeration + Overseeding for a Beautiful Lawn

Combine aeration with overseeding during your region’s growing season for a beautiful, lush lawn.

To get started, make sure your lawn is watered, mowed short and then raked. Aerate your lawn to allow better water and nutrient absorption. Aeration is a process that allows the roots of your grass to breathe. Basically, you’re perforating the soil with small, precise holes to allow penetration. It’s essential on plots with compact soil.

Then, use the right lawn fertilizer for your area. Combination weed and feed products can prevent seed germination. Specialty starter fertilizers contain the right nutrients for new grass. The grass seed mix you choose will list the blend and overseeding rate for your yard. For more uniform results, apply half the seeds in one direction and the other half of your seed mix perpendicular to the first. Afterwards, rake with a leaf rake.

Watering is essential, before and after aerating and overseeding your lawn. When to aerate and overseed? When the weather is cooler in spring or fall is a smart time to undertake this project. Ideally, you should plant new grass seed (overseeding) over your entire lawn. But overseeding also is done to fill in thin patches on a lawn. Spot seeding is also effective when you’re dealing with just a couple of dry or thin patches between growing seasons.

Rye grass should begin to germinate within 1 to 1 1/2 weeks after aeration and overseeding, as long as you water daily. Bluegrass should begin to germinate within 3 weeks, depending on the region. New grass should reach the same height as your old grass within 1 1/2 months if watered daily.

Your lawn is a big investment that can increase property values when tended throughout the year. Consult a professional for economical seasonal and year-round lawn care. If you’re in the metro Denver or metro Detroit area, consult the local pros at

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