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How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Yard Ticks

Fit Turf's TICK FREE lawn treatment is the best way to keep your pets safe from fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitos and other harmful insects.

How Do I Keep My Pets Safe from Yard Ticks?

Our pets are an extension of our family — they have their own beds, they like and dislike certain foods, they have their own doctors and sometimes, even their own wardrobe. Once the weather starts to warm up, we get excited about playing fetch and wrestling with them in the backyard. What we don’t want is to be worried about the harmful diseases that they can contract from yard ticks.

Ticks are especially dangerous to dogs and cats because their hair easily disguises the fact that they have a blood-sucking hitchhiker burrowing into their skin. Unless you do an extensive tick check on your pets every single day, there’s no way to be sure that your furry friend is safe from these harmful pests.

The best way to keep your pets safe from yard ticks is to never let them become a problem in the first place. Fit Turf has a full-service TICK FREE™ yard treatment that is organic and, of course, safe to use around your pets. Our highly-trained technicians will apply this organic flea and tick treatment to get rid of existing infestations and prevent new ones from forming. TICK FREE utilizes a non-toxic solution with cedar oil as the main ingredient — this revolutionary yard treatment is completely safe for your pets and the environment. This treatment will last for 30 days, so you, your family and your pets can enjoy a full month of hassle-free flea and tick prevention. What makes TICK FREE even more appealing is that it also controls other harmful and annoying pests such as gnats, mosquitos and spiders without causing any harm to beneficial insects such as earthworms, butterflies or bees.

Why is it so important to protect your pets from yard ticks? Ticks can carry a wide variety of diseases that can be harmful or even deadly to your pets. These diseases include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, tick paralysis and ehrlichiosis. Once a dog or cat contracts one of these diseases, the treatment is often painful and extremely expensive — and that’s if you catch it in time for a treatment to even be viable. Many times, ticks can burrow themselves into the inner thigh or other hard-to-see areas of your pet’s body and go unnoticed for weeks at a time until it’s too late to do anything. While ticks are at their most prevalent during the warm summer months, TICK FREE can also be applied year-round to make sure an infestation of these or numerous other insects never has the chance to start.

You love and treat your pets like family, so protect them like you would your family. Contact Fit Turf today to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and survey your property to develop a plan of attack. Soon, you and your pets could be enjoying the peace of mind that comes with a tick- and flea-free yard. Want to learn more about this service prior to scheduling an appointment with a technician? You can request a completely free estimate through our Flea and Tick Control Program services page.

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