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How to Get Your CO Yard Ready for Winter - Fit Turf

Summer 2018 was fleeting, wasn’t it? The long days of June, July and August quickly ushered us into the shorter days of September and October. We are now gearing up for crackling warm fires, pumpkin spice flavorings and cozy soup dinners. The bitter cold will be descending on The Centennial State before we know it; now is the time to plan your yard’s winterization. A little preparation now will help it bounce back when the snow melts and will ensure that it is healthier after its dormant season.

We’ve put together three actions you can take now to benefit your Colorado lawn next spring.

#1: Water, Rake, Aerate

Continue to water your Colorado yard throughout the fall months until the ground freezes. In the winter, lawns will need water during periods of drought (one to two times per month). Be sure to rake up leaves and matted turf. Leaves left on the lawn prevent sunlight to the grass, trapping moisture and weakening the lawn. Annual mechanical aeration is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Mechanical aeration loosens compacted soil and breaks up thatch build-up. Thatch layers thicken each year you go without an aeration and become the main rooting medium for the grass. This predisposes the turf to drought stress or winter kill and increases the possibility for insect, disease and weed problems. Also, fertilizers and pesticides applied to a lawn with thatch work less effectively. Check out our Fit Turf resources to learn more about aeration, which can be a DIY project. You can also call the experts — we at Fit Turf offer aeration services for a quick and easy solution to yards that need a little extra airflow.

#2: Turf Winterization

Cool-season Colorado grasses benefit from a special application of what is called “winterization” fertilizers. This is the final application of fertilizer applied before the start of winter. It is the MOST important and effective round. Feeding the lawn with N-P-K this time of year gives it the nutrients is needs to survive the winter. This stored energy in the soil and roots makes more a stronger and healthier lawn, preparing it for spring growth and quicker spring green-up.

#3: Call Fit Turf

If you haven’t taken advantage of Fit Turf’s expert services, now is the time to do so! Our seasonal lawn service in Denver, Colorado and its surrounding metro area will give your yard just what it needs, when it needs it. That way, your yard can thrive in any condition that may occur. In the harsh-weather climate of Colorado, extra thought should be given to your yard’s needs. With your busy life, it only makes sense to leave these concerns to our Fit Turf technicians. Our Greenskeeper Plus Complete Care Program takes all the guesswork out of winterizing. Contact Fit Turf today!

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