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How to Care for Your Houseplants in the Winter

Easy-to-Grow Indoor Houseplant Assortment in Pots

Easy-to-Grow Indoor Houseplant Assortment in Pots

Give your houseplants the care and attention they need during the winter months with these tips from our experts at Fit Turf.

How to Care for Your Houseplants in the Winter

Winter can be a harsh and uncomfortable season for everyone in your home — including your house plants. During the winter, proper care and placement of plants in the house goes a long way in ensuring they have happy, healthy, and bountiful springs and summers. Our gardening experts at Fit Turf have compiled a list of several helpful tips to help you care for your house plants in the winter. For more information, contact our experts directly. We’ll be happy to answer any plant care questions you might have.

Water Regularly

Popular winter houseplants such as seasonal amaryllis, poinsettias, Christmas cactus, Norfolk pine require regular watering to stay healthy. A good rule of thumb is to water whenever the top inch of the soil seems dry. Be sure to drain any excess water from your pot’s bottom tray to prevent root decay.

Placement is Important

During the winter months, sunlight is a somewhat scarce commodity. Make sure you keep your plants near bright natural light, but steer clear of over-exposing them to direct sunlight. Many old homes also have window that leak cold air. Though windows are a great source of natural light, it’s best to keep your plants a few feet away from windows and other draft-sources such as doors.

Keep Up On Inspecting and Trimming

Many plants will still bloom in the winter. After blooming, flowers and leaves may begin to wilt and dry up. Cutting of browning and dried-up leaves, stalks, and buds will help keep the rest of your plant strong and healthy through the winter.

It is also important to check for infestations on your houseplants. Unwanted visitors such as mites and fungus gnats can eat away at a plant until it dies. Giving your plant a bath using horticulture oils intended for indoor use will get rid of mites. For fungus gnats, place a slice of potato in the soil of your potted plant. Wait a few days for larva to accumulate, then throw the potato slice out. You will have successfully exterminated the next generation of fungus gnats.

When In Doubt, Call a Pro

If you have questions about caring for your house plants during the winter, or would simply like more tips, give our professionals at Fit Turf a call. We’ll be happy to help you get the healthiest plants in the neighborhood.

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