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How to Care for My Lawn in Winter

Learn how to properly care for your Colorado or Michigan lawn during the colder months in our expert guide, and contact our lawn care team today!

The winter months can be hard on lawns — especially those in states like Colorado and Michigan, where frequent precipitation and freezing temperatures can bring added stresses and damage risks. Thankfully, there are several steps that homeowners and business owners can take to keep their lawns surviving and thriving through the cold winter months. In this guide, our lawn care professionals here at Fit Turf have compiled a list of steps you can take to help your lawn stay happy and healthy over the winter. Read on to learn more, and contact our lawn care team for year-round lawn care services in Colorado and Michigan.


Fertilizing your lawn in the late fall or early winter is vital in giving it a last nutrient boost before freezing temperatures set in. Most lawns lose a significant amount of nutrients in the hot summer months and need to be replenished in order to come back strong in the spring. By fertilizing right before freezing temperatures begin, you can ensure that your fertilizer stays “locked in” to your lawn during colder temperatures. By the time spring rolls around, your lawn will have spent the entire winter with helpful nutrients and will be ready to grow lush and green. Winter fertilization is especially helpful for the cool season grasses typically found in Colorado and Michigan lawns.


Winter aeration can help bring your grassroots extra air during the winter. In turn, this will help your fertilizer work better and will help your lawn resist some of the suffocation caused by freezing winter temperatures.

Spread Cool Weather Grass Seed

If the summer months have treated your lawn particularly poorly, you may need to spread seed right before the winter hits to give your lawn an extra growth boost during the cooler months. Spreading specially-formulated cool weather grass seed can help synthesize growth during the late fall, winter and early spring months.

Keep Your Lawn Clean and Clear

Objects left of the lawn over the winter can lead to brown spots that you may have to spend an entire season trying to heal. Likewise, excess foot traffic across your lawn during the winter can cause damage that may persist into the spring and summer. Prevent these damages by keeping your lawn clean and clear during the winter. (Also, consider winter mite treatment if you live in a high-risk area.)

Winterize Your Sprinklers

Winterizing your sprinkler system, which means preparing it for the winter ahead, can do wonders for your wallet and your lawn come springtime. Without proper winterization, sprinkler systems can sustain damage and cost their owners money over the winter. While you can certainly complete some sprinkler-winterization steps on your own, it’s best to hire a professional to get the entire job done effectively and efficiently. At Fit Turf, our lawn care experts have extensive experience winterizing sprinkler systems of all kinds in both Colorado and Michigan. You can count on us to help your system survive and thrive through the winter.

Want to learn more about winter care for your lawn? Our team here at Fit Turf is ready to help. Explore our website for extensive lawn care tips, and contact us directly to speak with a member of our lawn care team today!

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