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How Fall Foliage Can Affect Your Lawn

Close-Up of Fall Leaves on a Green Lawn

Close-Up of Fall Leaves on a Green Lawn

Information and tips for minimizing dead leaves that harm your lawn and impede grass growth during the fall foliage

There is nothing worse than seeing your beautifully manicured lawn full of dead leaves and piles of wet detritus.

In the past, foliage and dead leaves used to be left on the lawn as mulch and nutrients, but leaving leaves on your lawn can actually hurt healthy grass and impede future growth.

A healthy lawn needs fertilizer, water and sun. Moist foliage can block prevent these things from getting into the soil, and it can also be a harbor for mites, other lawn diseases and pests.

To prevent these negative effects, we recommend raking leaves and dead foliage from your lawn at least once every other week. This foliage can be moved under bushes and around trunks of trees to provide nutrients as needed.

If you live in the Denver or Metro Detroit area, Fit Turf can take care of your annual fall raking or any other lawn care service.

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