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How Fungicide Treatments Protect Your Lawn from Disease

Fight back against turf grass diseases with fungicide treatments from Fit Turf. Our team has the tools that can heal your lawn including liquid fungicide spraying and spreading with granular treatments.

For owners of homes and brick-and-mortar businesses, the challenges of maintaining a physical building are obvious. Yet when it comes to lawn care, it’s often easy to overlook problems that can quickly expand out of control. Such is the case for turf diseases that can crop up without warning and leave a yard in dire need of help. Fungicide applications can help.

Take the case of necrotic ring spot (NRS), a perennial disease that can be devastating to Kentucky Bluegrass and is one of the most destructive conditions of its kind. It acts stealthily, attacking the plant and driving damage down into the roots and crowns of the plant. In addition to the deadly nature of this disease, it is an even bigger problem because recovery from the condition is low. Fail to catch it quickly and your lawn can become filled with tell-tale doughnut-shaped patches of dead grass. These brown rings are ugly to look at, but they’re even more sobering in light of the story they tell about your less-than optimal lawn health. These symptoms typically become strongest in late July or August, when grass is stressed amid ample sunlight and heat.

To attack this soil-borne fungus, you need access to a powerful tool that can give your grass a fighting chance. Although it is not a guaranteed fix, we have an extensive Turf Fungicide Program that can help restore your yard to its former beauty and give you hours of enjoyment outdoors each day without those brown circles. We strongly recommend at least four applications because this is a fungus that can live year after year and take up residence on dead and colonized bluegrass roots and crowns, or even on the surface of roots that are still alive.

We use two products in our program. The first is PillarTM G, a fungicide formulated on a clay granule that can easily be spread on your lawn with a spreader. The second option is Eagle 20EW, a specialty fungicide. This liquid is sprayed from a pre-mixed tank and also treats other conditions such as dollar spot, summer patch and powdery mildew.

If you are looking for a team of turf professionals that can make your lawn healthier and more enjoyable to spend time around, turn to the experts at Fit Turf.

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