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Five Destructive Summer Landscape Pests

For getting rid of the pests that can destroy your summer landscape, find help at Fit Turf to keep your lawn beautiful and pest-free in Denver and Detroit.

5 Pests That Can Destroy Your Summer Lawn

Don’t let summer pests wreck your lawn. Here are five summer bugs to look for, and what to do about them, compliments of America’s favorite pest-fighting lawn care professionals at Fit Turf.

White Grubs

White grubs burrow all the way down to the roots, where they can do the most damage without being seen aboveground. If your lawn looks like it’s in bad shape, that’s your first clue that white grubs might be in the vicinity. To make sure, you’ll have to pull up a patch of lawn in an inconspicuous place on your lawn and take a close look at the soil. The pros at suggest a mix of regular watering and the right mix of fertilizers can prevent them from infesting your lawn. Encourage birds to populate your outdoors, since white grubs are a favorite snack for them.


Once cutworms turn into moths, you’re safe. But the moth larvae feed on plants, usually coming out at night to attack stems, cutting into them in the process; hence, the name cutworms. Turf grass is a favorite of these cutworms. Like other lawn pests, they can leave brown patches and mangled grass blades in their wake. You can also attack them as you would other pests with regular fertilization and watering of your summer lawn.


Caterpillars aren’t so cute when they’re eating garden, fruit plant and grass leaves. They’re especially fond of Bermuda grass and Zoysia grass. If you avoid certain fast-growth fertilizers with high nitrogen content, you will produce less top growth that caterpillars rely on for food. Also, get rid bag up and remove grass clippings after you have mowed your summer lawn.

Colorado Potato Beetles

Colorado potato beetles attack youngest plants first, and they are found in lots of states besides Colorado. They get their name from liking potatoes as much as they do other plants. are found in much of North America despite what the name suggests. To kill them one by one, shake the beetles loose from plants and drop them into soapy water. Otherwise, consult professionals for the right mix of fertilizers and other summer lawn care products that can kill multiple varieties of summer lawn pests.


Billbugs like all species of grasses, and they can cause giant brown patches to appear on your lawn if you don’t fight them. Fertilize and water your lawn on a regular basis, as you would to prevent other pest infestations. Taller grass attracts fewer billbugs. Adult billbugs start eating through lawns right before the start of summer. After they become adults in May, they will start laying eggs inside grass stems within a week or two. The larvae will feet on grass roots, stems and crowns.

Professional lawn maintenance is a smart, economical investment if you want to protect your summer lawn against most lawn pests and the expensive damage they can do. Fit Turf offers expert services by locally trained lawn technicians in Denver, Detroit and nearby suburbs and cities. Visit for more lawn maintenance tips.

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