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Fit Turf's Bed & Border Weed Control Spring Treatments

Prepare your flower and vegetable beds with Fit Turf's Bed & Border Weed Control treatments for spring and the full season.

Spring is a time for new life. You have waited all winter to plant your flower beds and vegetable gardens. You've planned. Maybe you've even started seedlings in your house in little containers in the window or under lights. It would be a shame to let those gardens go to weed rather than go to seed.

Fit Turf has a program of weed control and fertilization formulated for beds and borders that runs from March to October so your weeds stay under control, your flowers look their best and vegetables thrive. A schedule of six service visits ensures that your beds will look their best. Spring treatments are scheduled for March and late April or early May to prepare your bed and encourage new growth for perennials and new plantings. These two sessions include pre-emergent solutions in March and post-emergent solutions for the second visit. Post emergent formulations continue throughout the season to keep weeds at bay.

Pre-emergent formulations include an application of SureGuard Herbicide in a liquid. This is typically applied from a hand can or backpack sprayer because of the concentrated area of the flower beds to be covered. This application is applied for both pre-emergence and post-emergence, and can stop any weeds that have already begun to grow, as well as preventing new ones from germinating in your lovely gardens.

Post-emergent herbicide applications spread RoundUp QuickPRO applied in granules with a hand can or backpack sprayer for even distribution to isolated areas of borders and beds. The post-emergent solution is a non-selective systemic herbicide and is applied as a spot treatment. There is no residual soil activity. Fit Turf substitutes RoundUp QuickPRO with Trimec 992 on occasion, depending on the plants in the border or bed, as well as other needs. The gardens remain fertile for the flowers and plants you want while unwanted weeds are sent packing.

Four additional visits spanning the season will help keep your garden lovely and productive throughout the season. Try planting flowers with complimentary blooms, or blooms that will alternate throughout the season for the best coverage. Fit Turf will do the rest with season-long bed and border weed control treatments in Denver and Metro Detroit areas.

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