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Fit Turf Tackles Common Tree Insects

Learn to identify common tree insects that want to bore into your trees and chew on the leaves, causing harm to your landscaping.

Insects are most noticeable during the warm season. Some are harmless or even beneficial to a plant's life, such as bees that pollinate to create new fruits and flowers. There are more than a handful of bugs that are harmful, leaving a path of destruction on your trees and other plants by these pests. Fit Turf is here to help protect against common tree insects, and identify and treat your trees if you should find your trees victim to some unfortunate invasion.

Pine Bark Beetle

In the Colorado area certain pine trees such as Ponderosa, Scotch and Engelmann Spruce are susceptible to the pine bark beetle. Prevention is crucial for this group of pines as there is no true way to cure an infected tree. Fit Turf recommends two-to-three treatment applications per year.

Ash Borer

The emerald ash borer and lilac ash borer are both prevalent in the Colorado area. Both insects prey on ash trees, and can be fatal once an infestation starts. The emerald ash borer bores trails through the wood as it feasts. The tree becomes unable to transport water and nutrients and will become less full and vibrant within three years of infection. Spring is the most optimal time to inoculate your ash trees.

Tree insects that are present throughout the U.S., and certainly in Colorado and Michigan where we treat such situations, include Japanese beetles, aphids, birch bronze borers, leaf miners, and the pine sawfly. Borer insects attack the tree from the inside, feeding on the inner bark and woody layers. It takes up to a few years to detect infection as the tree's resistance is worn down.

Some insects feed on the leaves of specific trees or even anything green. Aphids will infest any tree or plant that they choose. Japanese beetles eat the leaves of several types of trees while the pine sawfly attacks the spiky needles of certain pine trees.

Prevention is the best defense against common tree insects. Fit Turf has specific and broad spectrum treatment regimens that include application several times a year to keep trees healthy and protected against such threats.

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